Every day something new thing is invented that blows everything else out of the water: Smartphones, microchips, Moon Shoes®, etc. These are all great inventions, but pale in comparison to what came before them.

Here’s where I’m going with this. There’s one thought that goes through my head each time I watch the History Channel, “Man, no escalators, just stairs? I’m glad I didn’t live back then!”

We look back on the past and reflect on how lucky we are to have: air conditioning or reality TV, and assume that the people that came before us that didn’t have these things were miserable. Or that they were sitting around just waiting for rollerblades to be invented.

They see him rolling, they hating... Radical

But chances are they were just reflecting on how lucky they are to live in an age with the phonograph and the combustible engine, and not the generation that came before them. You know the one that had to risk getting attacked by wolves to go use the bathroom in the back yard.

And so on, and so on,  until we were just rubbing sticks together.

So while I’m impressedwith all the Mac clones Steve Jobs has pumped out, it’s not as impressive as say… Ben Franklin. That fellow decided that the lightning cascading down and burning houses to the ground could be harnessed to power basically everything that came after it. That’s a heavy thought. He just kind of went for it too.

When you think about that, you realize how much we take for granted today. 200 years ago, electricity was in its infancy, and now if the internet is down for 10 minutes people go comatose. But it’s only possible because some guy with a healthy appetite for foreign women decided to tie a key to a kite. Genius.

Here is the thought that gets me though.  We get all annoyed if we have to drive a crappy car, but 100 years ago, the main mode of transportation was still horses. Talk about low horsepower, try one.

Someone thousands of years ago decided that they could ride a horse. Someone had to be the first. That’s what impresses me, not not the iPad 2, but the guy that tries something first.

So slightly updated, you can barely tell the difference! Better get one to be sure.

And who’s to say horse was his first choice, right? He probably tried a bunch of animals before he got it right. I could think of a bunch of animals I would try riding before I settled on the horse.

I shouldn’t say guy because it was most likely two guys– sitting around drinking a primitive form of beer, and one guy dared the other to climb on that hulking, wild beast and history was made. Without a guy learning it was possible to ride a horse, none of the cool stuff (and things) we’ve invented would be here. I think you see where I’m going with this…

Beer was the catalyst for civilization. Without that wonderful libation there would be no sports cars, mini-malls, or low-fat yogurt.

Simply put, beer is still the greatest thing ever invented. Bottoms up!

Well said Mr. Simpson