Like most people, I spent my youth enjoying the antics of cartoon characters. Not the ones they produce these days that are intended to induce seizures, but the classics like Looney Tunes and Hannah-Barbara. And like most people, I was able to glean a few life lessons from these colorful characters that have helped shape me.

Nice Shirt

I noticed that cartoon characters often had nice shirts complimented by a complete lack of pants. I assumed this was acceptable, but apparently once you graduate college, it’s frowned upon. Way to set an example.

Quack if you hate slacks.

I say, I say, I ssssay

People who didn’t grow up in the warmth and love of cartoondom often think the reason animals can’t talk is because they don’t have the mental capacity to form words or language. That is in fact wrong. Anyone that spent any time in front of a TV on a Saturday morning understands it’s because they all have severe speech impediments. Scooby, Daffy, Bugs, Tweety and so on. All they need is some speech therapy. Am I the only one that thought Foghorn Leghorn was suffering a stroke when he struggled through a rant?

Ruh Roh. Rime Raving a Roke.

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