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Miley Being Miley: Which is alright with me

“Oh my god, did you hear what Miley did?” This is something people seem to be saying quite often these days. People seem genuinely shocked that she’s acting out and rebelling against her squeaky-clean, child star image. Why is a YOUNG GIRL ACTING OUT, they keep saying? We’re thrown off by something that is completely expected, a young person rebelling against the conservative environment they were raised in. It’s as American as the apple pie in American Pie the movie.

Cue 90s alt rock song

Cue 90s alt rock anthem

I know just like everyone else reading this, that I did many things between the age of 18 and 21 that I regret or now look back on, shaking my head with a rye smile saying, “Man, I was so cool back then flipping the bird in every picture and listening to my Sony Walkman all day.” So who are we to judge her? But she was twerking all over a pop icon and smoking a joint on television, or she bought a car made out of melted down rappers grills, you say.

So what.

I really hope the last one happens soon

I really hope the last one happens soon

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The Corrected System

The slammer, the big house, the hole…prison. A place that’s steeped in mystery, myth, and a potential goldmine for TV and movie plots. It’s also a depressing place where little is done and much is wasted. Everyone can agree that the system is flawed, but can’t agree on what is “flawing” it. Some say it’s the laws that target minor offenders and clog the system, others say once in, the inmates do not receive the societal rehabilitation they need. I believe the corrections that could repair the system could be easily implemented.


First off, we’re going about it all wrong. Inmates spend most of their day lying around, hanging out, having playtime and eating 3 square meals. That sounds like a great summer vacation to me. I know what you’re saying, don’t forget the forcible rape, daily shankings, and the poor Yelp! reviews most prison mess halls receive, but I’ve thought of that – and I’ve got an idea Read more…

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