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To Health With It: Popular diets to torture yourself with in 2014

We’re all trying to stay positive and say that spring is right around the corner, which is good. There’s nothing wrong with a little delusion. But that means everyone will be looking for the newest health craze or diet to get them on the fast track to a stunning beach bod. So I’m here to break down some popular ones.


Let me preface this list by saying I never understood the diet craze. To me, the logic surrounding it is, “ I deprive myself of the things I enjoy so I can live longer while still not being able to enjoy them later on.” That’s like not watching Breaking Bad because watching TV is bad for you. You get to live longer and still never find out what happens to Walter White.

Without further adieu, Humor Me’s “Health Kicks 2014.”

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Humans: The wildest animal of all

Do you ever think about all the strange things that animals do? They seem so weird and random when you watch those Discovery Channel specials. Until you think about some things you see and do in a normal day and realize that humans are by far the weirdest and most random species on the planet.

Proof of social darwinism

Proof of social darwinism

One thing I noted was that pretty much every weird thing an animal does is for survival. Necessity factors into almost everything they do. They are able to survive and thrive because that’s all they’re focused on. Necessity doesn’t seem to factor into things we do and yet when you break it down, we still do some peculiar things.

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The Importance of Being Olympics

If you haven’t been online, watched TV, read a newspaper, or talked to another human in the past week, you may not have realized that something called the “Olympics” is going on.

People seem to either love them or hate them, but no matter what, everyone is talking about them. I’m not here to discuss whether they’re good, bad, or boring, I’m here to explain why the Olympics are a necessary occurrence for stability in this fragile and ever-changing world.


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Are You Asleep Yet?

There’s a good chance you’re reading this because you wish you were asleep, or at the very least, sleepy. That short break from consciousness that helps us replenish our life force and prepare for another day of noise, routines, and Netflix marathons. But the “Good night’s Sleep” is an elusive thing these days.

This is exactly what no one looks like when they're sleeping

This is exactly what no one looks like when they’re sleeping

Sleeping is one of the only things I can think of that is involuntary and that so many people are bad at. It’s something the body requires, but at the same time refuses to make easy. It should be simple. Lay down in bed in “jammies” and close eyes. That’s all it should take. I’d like a show of hands of everyone that falls asleep that easily:

That’s what I thought

That’s what I thought

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