The time of year has come when people spend a lot of time thinking about the romantic entanglements they find themselves in, or don’t find themselves in. Personally, I enjoy Valentine’s Day because I love bright flowers and the candy hearts made out of chalk with funny quotes on them. But you hear a lot of single people talk about their “Type” and this always gets me thinking.

First off, rarely is somebody’s type described as: compassionate, intelligent, sincere, or even just financially secure. Those are personality traits that illustrate potential compatibility with a likeminded person, and are all perfectly acceptable “Types.” The problem is that most Types these days are usually more like: artist, musician, wears glasses, dangerous, muscular, or the hot ticket this year, beard and tattoos. Which makes no sense because that could be pretty much any guy over the age of 18 who doesn’t own a razor. If you asked me My Type, I’d simply say women, and move on.

Caution: click this and you will see many men with beards and tattoos.

Caution: click this and you will see many men with beards and tattoos.

These don’t characterize a person, they’re hobbies and physical attributes. It’s okay to have a type of fast food, an  alcoholic beverage you prefer, or even a specific blood type, but focusing your search into a strict set of attributes doesn’t yield much potential for true love. I was taught that you should just do what you love and the right person will simply find you. If you go out and enjoy your life, it makes sense that someone who enjoys the same things will naturally cross your path. It’s way better than repeatedly going back to Red Bull and vodkas just because they get you drunk quickly before ultimately introducing your dinner to your toilet bowl.

You've never buy someone a drink, you're only renting it for that hot blonde over there.

You’ve never buy someone a drink, you’re only renting it for that hot blonde over there.

Also, by signifying that you have a Type, you’re indicating that you’ve already dated someone like that, or multiple people already. Now, unless you’re still with that person or lost that person in some tragic accident, something didn’t work out. You weren’t right for each other—so going to find a similar person would seem like the opposite of what you should do. Doing the same thing and expecting different results IS the definition of insanity after all.

Plus, there are so many Types of people to try out there—just like there are ice cream flavors. You don’t pick an ice cream flavor when you’re 16 and stick with it the rest of your life. And if you do, chances are we are not going to be friends because you don’t know how good cookie dough ice cream is, or even considered something exotic like gelato. You’ve got to get out there and try a little of everything. Love is a buffet and you should be the overweight guy that has the owner sweating bullets. Try a little of this, put it back and go for something else. If it tickles your fancy, then go back for seconds, but don’t stick with the General Tso’s just because it keeps you warm at night.

What is love? Baby don't burp me, don't burp me… no more

What is love? Baby don’t burp me, don’t burp me… no more

If you’re bummed about one of your friends getting married soon, just remember, no one drives the same car their whole life. Eventually, the car gets too many miles on it and you want to upgrade to something newer, faster, and with bigger hood ornaments. So set your “Type” settings to something really broad and see what shakes out. And for any “Beard and Tattoo” girls feeling lonely out there, my name is Nick, I’m a great listener, and it’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance.

Don't all line up a once

Don’t all line up a once