There was just me and all the things that seem to float through my head each day, when I should’ve been doing something productive. My problem is I can’t help but focus on thoughts or ideas that have no actual reason to exist. Random thoughts or daydreams, they’re often called.

Anyone who’s met me can attest to my penchant for obscure facts and points of view. This is my remedy. To write them down and get them out of my head. I understand that blogging is self-centered and egotistical (which is why it’s called Humor Me) It’s very fun for people who enjoy writing. Also understand that I write for a living, which will surprise some of you to know since there will be so many grammatical errors and slang.



The reason is I’m writing like I think and while I’m no scientist, i don’t believe anyone thinks in perfect english (so back off.) So if you can glean any insight into my psyche from this page, good. If not, I’m sorry for having wasted your time, you cannot have it back. And if anyone ever finds that they agree or even understand some of the writings here please let me know. It will be comforting to know I haven’t gone completely off the deep end.